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This site is for you if you are looking to support your lifestyle through alternative approaches to healthy living. It is no mistake that you are here. You are a person looking to improve your health without the side effects of traditional medicine.  It is a one-stop source for all things alternative, from opportunities to maintain excellent health through holistic practices, to products to information about alternative and natural options.

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Swop Dairy with Vitamin D and Beat Cancer

Research teams have recently found out that if cancer patients swop dairy products with more Vitamin D (and sunshine), they can beat their cancer. There are differing views about how dairy influences cancer. Swop Diary for Vegetables and Deny Cancer The most prominent...

Eat Ginger for Arthritis Inflammation

Did you know you can eat ginger for arthritis inflammation? Ginger is one of those common kitchen ingredients we don’t think about much. We know it is spicy-sweet, that it is an essential part of a curry, a soup and a sauce. We know it makes our green tea taste extra...

Eat More Kava for Stress

Feeling stressed? Reaching burnout? Have you thought of adding kava to your diet? This is the latest addition to the superfoods shelf. A derivative of the roots of the shrub called Piper methysticum. Scientists have found that kava is a successful natural therapy for...

Treat ADHD with Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids

Studies show that parents can treat ADHD with omega 3 essential fatty acids. Yes, it is only in recent years that scientists have discovered the importance of tiny children consuming sufficient omega 3 essential fatty acids. They now know that omega 3 fatty acids are...

Magnesium and Diabetes Prevention

There is a strong relationship between taking magnesium and avoiding diabetes. Studies have found that a magnesium deficiency is related to blood sugar problems. Magnesium Prevents Diabetes Low magnesium hinders the secretion of insulin in the pancreas and develops...

Fermented Foods for a Healthy Gut

Fermented foods for a healthy gut - have you heard this adage? It is very true in a day and age when people are increasingly becoming enlightened about the meaning of gut health, the basis of all health indeed. Having a healthy gut has been linked to a healthy and...

St John’s Wort for Depression – the Pro’s and Cons

St John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is a plant that grows in the wild in Europe, Britain, Western Asia, North Africa and South Africa's Western Cape region. Many people believe the plant is named after St John the Baptist and wort is the old English name for plant....

The MIND Diet – Specially Formulated for Dementia

Have you ever heard of the MIND diet for dementia? M for Mediterranean, I for Intervention, N for Neurodegenerative and D for Delay. The aim of the MIND diet is to prevent, reduce and even reverse the onset of progress of dementia and brain function as people age. The...

Cinnamon for Heart Disease

Who ever would have thought that such a fragrant and delicious spice has the right ingredients to fix heart disease? Or at least contribute towards a sound and healthy heart?? You can take cinnamon for heart disease! Yes, the more we research the plants around us, the...

Acupuncture for Insomnia

Cure insomnia the natural way, using ancient techniques like acupuncture. We all know that we should avoid caffeine, alcohol and rich foods before bedtime, but what about real prevention, in the form of a 3000year old healing technique called acupuncture? This...

Drink Coffee For Liver Disease and Longevity

We all love to drink coffee and now you can drink it safe in the knowledge that it can prevent and treat liver disease, and your many decent cups of coffee could ensure your longevity! The aroma of coffee is the great sensory weakness of humanity. We all arise to make...

The Ketogenic Diet Works for Diabetes

Did you know that the ketogenic diet works for diabetes? Recent research tested the newly-popular ketogenic diet on several overweight and diabetic people who had type 2 diabetes. Scientists wanted to see whether the diet had any positive impacts on glycemia and the...

Try the Ketogenic Diet for Seizures (Epilepsy)

Epilepsy patients can now try the ketogenic diet for seizures. This diet was developed in the 1920s to treat people with epilepsy, who did not respond well to drugs in that day. The ketogenic diet is based on the premise that the body reaches ketosis, a natural...

Take Kelp to Prevent Thyroid Issues

Take kelp as a rich source of iodine to prevent thyroid issues. Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and goiter are all linked to the presence of iodine in the diet. The thyroid gland, the butterfly-shaped gland in the front of the neck/throat area, needs just the right...

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This website is about giving our bodies the same attention we give our minds with healing treatments, we will be better equipped to nourish body, mind, and spirit. Ultimately, we hope to strike a balance of body-mind-spirit that will allow us to be more open to experiencing happiness, love, and serenity.

We also want to help you understand what each therapy offers and to help you get to know the wonderful and generous people who work to help others across South Africa.

Finding Alternative Therapy Can Be Hard, but it Doesn’t Have To Be

Don’t let your doctor talk you into unnecessary surgery or dangerous drugs to treat you. There are safer, more effective ways to achieve relief from your suffering. You can find out all about them in this directory.

We keep adding more information and resources to help you feel better. If you have any questions or have suggestions for resources on alternative pain treatments to include in the directory, please contact us. Above all, do not give up on your ability to get relief or even recover from your disease completely.

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The mission of the Alternative Therapy is to be the “go to” resource for patients looking for safe, effective alternative medication resources available in South Africa.  Through a combination of alternative treatment provider listings, recommended products and informative articles, patients can find everything they need to feel better.

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