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Swop Dairy with Vitamin D and Beat Cancer


Swop Dairy with Vitamin D and Beat Cancer

Research teams have recently found out that if cancer patients swop dairy products with more Vitamin D (and sunshine), they can beat their cancer. There are differing views about how dairy influences cancer.

Swop Diary for Vegetables and Deny Cancer

The most prominent findings show that dairy product intake can cause prostate cancer. Vegans tend to get cancer less often than meat and dairy eaters. Women who had the highest intake of lactose and dairy products had the greater risk of getting breast and ovarian cancer. Men who ate a lot of dairy were also more at risk of getting prostate cancer.

People who eat mostly vegetables, especially cruciferous varieties (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli), and those full of Vitamin E (nuts, seeds, spinach, cold-pressed vegetable oils), survived after cancer, or did not get cancer. It is a fact that a higher intake of raw vegetables and fruits will ensure optimum health and longevity. The best diet contains no processed foods, no sugar, no alcohol and no refined starches.

What is Wrong with Dairy Products?

Many milks contain a hormone called somatotrophin (BST) which is used to speed up the production of milk or meat. Milk contains a variety of bioactive compounds and natural estrogen from cows. These substances cause what scientists refer to as “hormone dependent” tumours. The most common cancers related to dairy product consumption are breast, ovarian, prostate and testicular cancers. Cows’ milk is packed with natural estrogens – cows have more estrogen these days as farmers milk their cows nearly every day of the year. Milk in cows experiencing their last few weeks of pregnancy is very strong in estrogens. Full cream milk has much more estrogen than skim milk. Hormones are soluble in fat. In Mongolia, cows are only milked 5 months of the year, and the milk is skimmed milk. There are fewer cases of cancer here, than in the UK or USA. Organic milk is not an option as it is still full of hormones.

Doctors have found that men who consumed more calcium from milk and its products had a higher risk of prostate cancer. This could be due to the estrogen hormone in milk. The more milk a child drinks early on in life the greater the risk of that child getting prostate cancer one day.

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Vitamin D Can Treat Cancer

Vitamin D is a group of prohormones that can dissolve in fat. Prohormones can turn into hormones but usually are not very active. Vitamin D intake creates strong bones and teeth because it helps the body use calcium and phospherous.

People who have a higher Vitamin D intake appear to choose a healthier lifestyle. Studies show that people living in sunnier climates do tend to get cancer less than those living in colder regions. And when there is more sun, people get outdoors more and are more active. Vitamin D is produced when people are exposed to UV light. In some studies on mice, Vitamin D slowed down the progress of cancer, decreased cancer cell growth and even triggered apoptosis (death of cancer cells). Other studies have discovered that a higher level of Vitamin D is linked to reduced risk of colorectal cancer. Trials are being done on how taking Vitamin D can actually prevent cancer.

The moral of the story? Get outside in the sunshine! Be healthy and exercise daily. Swop dairy products with vegetables and fruits, and a Vitamin D supplement.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Linda

    November 17, 2018 at 8:15 pm

    I am vitamin D deficient. I take vitamin D tablet to supplement and do walks in the sun especially in late mornings. What else can I take to avoid the tablet which i assume might have side effects in the long run. I’m 66yrs old. Thank you.

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